About Us

The company was formed with the aim of concentrating on breeding animals of exceptional quality and always striving to supply buyers with young breeding stock, as they are more adaptable and offer prospective owners the benefit of receiving the maximum number of calves during their lifespan. We successfully breed Zambian and Zimbabwean sable, East African buffalo, roan antelope and black impala.

We specialize in the breeding of:

  • Buffalo (East African)
  • Black impala
  • Roan Antelope
  • Sable – Matetsi, Tanzanian and Zambian
  • Golden Wildebees
  • Nyala
  • Golden Oryx
  • Kudu and Other Plains Game



Young Buffalo Bull “Adam”

Sired by “Nelson” a proven East African bull known for breeding exceptional male and female offspring, such as “BASSA” RW 5 ¾ and “Manyara” RW 38 ¼, both of which are exceptional specimens of his outstanding progeny.

Measured 14th January 2019

L / Boss: 15 1/4”
R / Boss: 15”
R / Horn: 43 1/2” long
L / Horn: 44 1/2” long
Total SCI: 118 1/4”
RW: 46 6/8”
Age: 6 Years
Tip – Tip: 37 3/4”
Scrotum: 42cm


A Proven Legend
East African breeding bull, >46”
Sire of exceptional sought after progeny!


A Magnificent Son of Nelson RW 51 ¾ and a total SCI score of 135+


Daughter of Nelson
With an exceptional RW spread of 38 ¼”

Zambian Sable

Phantom is our new breeding Bull (96% Nuclear Tested) Measuring 50+” at the age of 6 years old

He is a son of “Wiela” and his mother is a daughter of “Monster”


“Mathew” – new Roan breeding bull 32″+

Black Impala (Rooibokkraal Genetics

Our black impala continue to excel by producing big rams with horn lengths of over 20” at the age of 2 Years.