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Lee Cannata has been actively involved in game farming on his farm Eden since 1982. His passion for game and wildlife has compelled him to specialise in the breeding of rare and endangered species. Due to his hands-on approach Lee has gained invaluable experience and knowledge in his endeavours to improve the gene pool and bloodline of the various breeds.

Miguel Ferreira has farmed in the Rooiberg area since 1997 and having known Lee for a number of years, relied on his knowledge and advice to improve and develop his own game-farming expertise.

The company was formed with the aim of concentrating on breeding animals of exceptional quality and always striving to supply buyers with young breeding stock, as they are more adaptable and offer prospective owners the benefit of receiving the maximum number of calves during their lifespan. Huge strides have been made in the successful breeding of Zambian and Zimbabwean sable, East African buffalo, roan antelope and black impala.

Prospective buyers and interested parties are more than welcome to visit Lee and Miguel on their respective farms:
Lee: 083 461 2455 or 083 305 1628
Miguel: 082 444 7095 or 082 490 3930

Some of Our Breeding Animals